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Company background:
Jieyang City SanXia Hardware Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, early in 2006 changed to the Three Gorges Jieyang metal factory. Driven mainly by sales of production means of production, since its creation by the industry with the support and encouragement.
Jieyang City in the Three Gorges Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized manufacturing facilities, production, trade and development in one of the producers. Now has become: all kinds of brand and OEM OEM hinge hinge.
The company's strengths:
The Three Gorges is the main product: all kinds of products and hinge hinge set for the product. These products are of high demand, the company asked for the level of high art, for the management and technical requirements is essential, we are committed to creating, with a loyal, hard-working team, more focus on the process after the establishment of , The relentless effort of the training staff expertise.
Our mission:
Three Gorges Project's mission is: To establish a sound system of work and products to meet customer needs, while continuing to pressure as the driving force for people to produce more wealth and significance. We are committed to fulfilling our mission to maintain good relations with customers. In order to increase customer Jingzheng Li, we will continue to design in accordance with the customer or the design of the development of new products.
Our values:
Customer First, the importance of the greatest talents of our values, our commitment to provide a good working environment for our employees, respect for the customer. Customers and talent will always be the most important position.
Purpose of the operation:
Based on our mission and values, I believe we will be able to always provide Jingzheng Li and the price of high-quality services.
In order to achieve our objective, we are committed to:
Quality: In order to ensure that we believe our quality, we will strive for ISO9001: 2000 quality certification system, the implementation of the management of raw testing, inspection process, shipment inspection, and to instill the concept of each employee's use of a large number of resources to training They, the quality of a professional team to control quality. So that all employees understand the quality of corporate life. There is no guarantee of quality, we will lose customers.
Cost: control of the company to reduce costs by lowering the production of waste and improve efficiency of the start, instilling the concept of cost: the design, procurement, logistics management, production, delivery and so on among all segments of the industry. With the cost and quality of the scoring to evaluate each employee works.. Incentives for cost and quality control of the active employees, not punishment and a waste of great importance to the quality of employees.